We would like to inform you that Florin Cristuinea will collect the pigeons in all over the Europe for FCI World Championship 2021 and for OLR Belgrade ACE the Winner.
The collection will be organized in 24 APRIL and 10 MAY.
For all question about transport, please contact him directly on WhatsApp:
Florin Cristuinea
+40 773 801 720

To this date, 32 National Teams, members of the FCI have registered participation with 60 young pigeons at the FCI World Championship 2021.
Every breeder is honored and proud that his pigeons are members of the national teams of their national federations. If they are not in the National team, by participating in FCI GRAND PRIX OLR "Belgrade ACE the Winner", you have the opportunity to compare the quality of your pigeons with pigeons from around the world.
A great challenge and motivation is the competition with the world elite. This year, for the first time, at the FCI World Championship 2021, we have already registered 32 national teams with 1920 pigeons in total (so far there were a maximum of 25 participants)
By participating in the FCI GRAND PRIX OLR "Belgrade ACE the Winner", in addition to comparing with the best pigeons in the world, you are able to win points for ranking in the FCI Grand Prix competition, and at the same time to participate in the distribution of the prize fund of at least € 50,000.00. We invite you to apply on time, because the interest is great, and we have the opportunity to receive a capacity of 4000 pigeons.
The collection of pigeons from Europe is organized on April 24 and May 15. Book a place for transport and participation. FCI World Championship 2021 is the biggest international pigeon event in 2021, BE A PART OF THIS COMPETITION.
Additional information on the website or via e-mail address Belgrade 10/03/ 2021

FCI World Championship 2021 is organized in Serbia in its capital Belgrade.
Belgrade - WHITE CITY - on the banks of the Danube and Sava rivers, is a city with a rich history, cultural tradition, sports tradition, tourist facilities, where every guest feels comfortable and welcome.
In Belgrade, the White City, for the third time, the competition of white racing pigeons is being organized at the FCI OLR "Belgrade ACE the Winner".
This year, this competition is being organized together with the FCI World Championship 2021.
We invite all breeders from around the world who have white pigeons in their lofts to send their young pigeons to FCI OLR "Belgrade ACE the Winner", and compare them with other white pigeons and pigeons in another color.
Sign up, maybe your white racing pigeon is the one who will be the best, the WINNER.

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